Nature’s Septic Solutions, LLC Serving the Straits Area of Northern Michigan

Mackinac Bridge - image

Is Your Septic System and Drain Field Failing? When septic systems fail time is crucial.

Nature’s Septic Solutions (NSS) can help by:

  • Preventing future septic and drain field failures
  • Installing an Aerobic Bacterial Generator (S46) to remediate your failing septic systems problems
  • Saving you money by installing the S46 into your existing tank.
  • Installs in 1 day without tearing up your yard or replacing your drainfield.

SludgeHammer® is a cost effective solution for saving your septic system and drainfield. This system uses natural bacteria found in nature, adds it to your septic tank along with an oxygen diffuser, known as a Aerobic Bacterial Generator which through bio-remediation maintains your septic system optimal condition. If you have us install a SludgeHammer® S46 system within your existing septic tank you will reduce the need to pump your septic tank. There will be no need for a plumber to snake or jet our your leach lines.

Call Mark Gahn at 231-290-2156, to arrange for a site plan review to learn more about the S46 system will save you money and save your drainfield.  The site plan review is an inspection of your current septic tank and drainfield to evaluate your current septic treatment conditions.

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