The SludgeHammer S46 System

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According to the manufacturers of the SludgeHammer S46 system, Septic systems naturally fail over time. SludgeHammer provides the best long-term, environmentally-conscious solution for homeowners on the market today. Sludgehammer’s unique system uses nature’s way of breaking down biomat turning potentially toxic leachate into water that can reenter the local watertable or be stored and reused by drip irrigation for landscaping. Below you will find more information you can view or download; the S46 brochure and the spec sheet.

s46 product brochure - image

1. Download the S46-Brochure & Mailer:  Click here – S46 Brochure in PDF Format.










spec sheet - cover image2. Read more in the S46 Spec Sheet – Click here – SludgeHammer s46 Spec Sheet to view in PDF format.